Many people attending the trade fairs in Frankfurt are unaware of the beautiful old town and the unique apple wine taverns and traditions found in this part of Germany. The trade fair convention centre is only a mile away from the heart of Frankfurt. This tour is designed to show visitors how easy it is to travel into the old town and see the historic sights, the markets, cafes and restaurants and offers an overall orientation to the city and it's history. It's perfect as a corporate or customer event, or as a tour for individuals and includes travel costs.

Itineraries can be match to suit individual or group needs. A basic tour of two hours begins with collection from the convention centre, or your hotel, and covers the old town and the modern centre of Frankfurt. A basic tour can be extended to include a visit to Old Sachsenhausen, an area of Frankfurt given over to apple wine taverns and traditional eateries. This would be a particularly good option for groups who would like to culminate their tour at one of the taverns and finish the evening sampling local dishes and drinks.  Perhaps you have an interest in the Jewish history of Frankfurt in which case the tour can be tailored to visit the Jewish memorial and site of the medieval Jewish ghetto.

Tours include the cost of local transport travel (which can be deducted if you already hold a travel card, or Frankfurt card) If you wish to meet directly in the city centre, then take a look at our regular tour using this link (duration of 90 minutes or more).


Tours are simple to arrange by contacting WALK FRANKFURT using the contact form. You'll be sent a response within 24 hours confirming whether a guide is available for your tour, at which point a deposit is requested to confirm the booking. Deposits can be made using the payment link on this website. On the appointed day and time your guide will come and meet you at the agreed place. 

Costs are €105 for a 2 hour tour for groups of up to 5 people (incl. travel pass). If your group size is larger, fill out the contact form for a quotation. Once a date and time have been agreed, a deposit of €40 confirms your booking.

The balance payment must be paid in cash (€) to the guide on the day. E.g. a 2 hour tour is booked for three people = €105. A €40 deposit has been paid, therefore a balance of €65 will need to be paid in cash, on the day, to the guide.

Deposits are refundable. Please see terms and conditions.

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The Römer, at the heart of the old town

The Römer, at the heart of the old town



Imperial Cathedral
Alte Nikolai Church
The Römer (town hall)
St. Paul's Church
Goethe's House
Carmelite Cloister
Eschenheimer Tower
Old Opera House
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Bull and Bear
Holocaust Memorial
Stumble Stones
Book Burning Memorial
Old Opera House



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