Running routes along the River Main


Running along the River Main is, for the most part, away from the traffic and a great way of enjoying Frankfurt life. A couple of simple routes are given below with hints on Cafe's which are open in the morning. Check the map for more details:

Heading East - approx 7 km

From anywhere in the city run to the northern bank of the River Main, head east (turn left) and run along the river side towards the European Central Bank. At the bank itself, and right on the riverside, is a great cafe/restaurant called Oostern, which is open from 09:00. ( From Oostern, cross the river to the southern bank and run back (west) along the riverside. There are plenty of bridges to choose from to cross back over to north bank. The Holbein Steg is a pedestrian, suspension bridge opposite the Städel Museum, is a good landmark to head for.

If you want to stop for a bite to eat - run east along the northern bank, as stated above, and call in at Cafe Oostern. If you want to run further before stopping, cross over to southern river bank and run west to the AlteBrücke where you take a southerly route to the Schiffecafe (opens at 08:00) on Brückestrasse (, or cross over the Alte Brücke bridge back to the northern side and carry on until you reach the Mainkaicafe (opens at 10:00), on the riverbank directly down from the cathedral ( 

Heading West - approx 8 km 

From anywhere in the city run to the northern bank of the River Main, head west (turn right) and run along the riverbank. At Westhafenplatz, you will need to keep to the right of the tall, glass rotund building because the river path to the left leads to a dead end. Run parallel to the river path and you'll end up by the railway bridge. There is a nice restaurant by the bridge called Druckwasserwerk ( but it isn't open for breakfast. Cross the bridge to the southern side of the river. At the bottom of the steps you can head west or east. If heading west, almost immediately as you leave the bridge, there is a path and steps down to the waters edge. The area is known as the LILU ( You can run the length of the LILU but it comes to a dead end, or you can leave and rejoin the roadside path at a ramp which comes into view as you approach the large grey building and ruins of the old Jewish baths. Once on the roadside path, turn left and head back towards town. The path will eventually lead you down to the riverside where you can run along until you choose to cross back to the northern side via the numerous bridges available.