Frankfurt has some great places to eat ranging from cheap and cheerful to fine dining. Listed below are recommendations for eateries if you are visiting for just one day, or have a few nights to enjoy the city.  In addition, for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free places, scroll down the page for a regularly updated link.

One day in Frankfurt 

Kleinmarkhalle (Hasengasse 5)  This indoor food market is open Mon-Fri til 6pm and Saturday til 4pm, and has a variety of stalls to explore including stalls serving Indian food, vegan specialities, Italian and of course German specialities. It's cheap and cheerful but the quality is high. If you want to experience the local Frankfurt sausage then head to a stall called Schreibers, it's famed for simply serving sausages with a bead roll and mustard. On the upper floor is  Alla Vita Buona, a place to sit down and enjoy classic Italian fair, meanwhile the Rolanderhof, next door, specialises in selling local wine by the glass. 

Konstablerwache Markt (Konstablerwache)  An outdoor market hosted on Thus & Sat only. Venture into the market to discover a variety of food stands selling cooked sausages, fried potatoes, green sauce and soups to name but a few dishes. It's possible to buy a beer, wine and applewine to compliment your meal. Another speciality of the region is apple juice (apfelsaft) 100% natural and very refreshing.  

Heininger (Neue Krämer 31)  Heininger offers traditional German food and canteen style service. It keeps regular shop hours and is open from Mon-Fri. There is lots of seating inside as well as seating outdoors. Service is friendly and the dishes extremely good value. 

Leib & Seele (Kornmarkt 11)  If you prefer a restaurant with service then Leib & Seele is very central with lots of outdoor seating and serves large plates of traditional German food. 

Fisch Franke (Domstraße 9-11)  Very close to the cathedral, on the corner of Braubachstraße; Fisch Franke serves up delicious fish dishes. This is a Frankfurt institution, slightly older than average age group and the dishes are simple and traditional. They serve a Stier applewine and some lovely local wines too. Closes 9pm Mon-Fri and 5pm on Saturdays.

Staying overnight in Frankfurt 

If you are staying a little longer in Frankfurt then you should definitely try a local applewine tavern, typically located south of the river in Sachsenhausen. They serve very traditional German food and local specialities such as, Handkäse mit musik, grüner Soße, apfelwein, and mispelschen. In the summer months the lovely courtyards are crammed with diners sitting together on communal tables enjoying a night of good food and good company. Don't leave Frankfurt without experiencing one of these unique places. Also listed below are some other reliable restaurants in the centre of Frankfurt. 

Applewine taverns in Sachsenhausen

Zum Klaane Sachsenhäuser (Neuer Wall 11)  A very traditional 'Apfelweinwirtschaft' in the heart of old Sachsenhausen - great food and great green sauce too! 

Fichte Kranzi (Wallstraße 5)  Another great apfelwein tavern with a good menu and a late kitchen.

Kanonensteppel (Textorstraße, 20)  An apfelwein tavern close to Südbahnof. Very traditional.

Atschel (Wallstraße 7)  A good apfelwein tavern which is open at lunch time. 

Other good restaurants in the centre of Frankfurt

Ristorante Sardegna (Fahrgasse 84)  A good quality Italian restaurant at reasonable prices. 

Cafe Walden (Kleiner Hirschgraben 7)  Some great outdoor seating for people watching on a bustling corner of cafes and bars. This place offers great salads and alternatives to the usual German fare and is popular for brunch too. 

Medici (Weißadlergasse 2)  A pleasant restaurant which offers some good value daily menus. Bookable via Opentable. 

Heimat (Berliner Str. 70) Heimat is a small restaurant offering fine dining and a menu driven by what is fresh at the market that day.  It's a great place for couples or a small group of friends. 

Hamsilos Schenck's (Münchener Straße 28) In the heart of the Bahnhofsviertal, this is a down to earth, no frills, fish restaurant. If you like the edgy vibe of the Bahnhofs area and want a good, reasonably priced meal, then this is worth a try try.

See also Leib & Seele and Fisch Franke - listed in the above "One day in Frankfurt" section.

Breakfast in Frankfurt

Kaiser Zeit (Kaiser Straße 59) Very close to the Hauptbahnhof and open from 7.30am weekdays and 7am at the weekend. It's a bakery offering organic breads and places to sit and eat continental style breakfasts. It's a good choice if you have arrived from the airport on an early layover. 

Elaine's Deli in MMK2 (Taunustor 2, Taunus Turm) Open from 7.30 weekdays (10am at the weekends)  Elaine's is en-route from the main station to the centre of Frankfurt. It's located at the base of Taunus Turm, a modern skyscraper, in the park. 

Kamps Bäckerei (Liebfrauenstrasse 5) If you want a simple croissant and coffee for breakfast, bakeries are the place to go. Cheap and usually open from 8am. Kamps is located centrally in Frankfurt, but there are plenty of other bakeries to choose from.

Cafe Libretto (Hasengasse 4) One of the few cafes open at 8am weekdays, (9am at the weekend) offering a breakfast menu. Centrally located and close to the cathedral. 

Bull + Bear Cafe (Schillerstrasse 11) Open at 8am everyday this is a reliable place for an early start in Frankfurt. Right next to the Stock Exchange and very close to Hauptwache.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free restaurants

This vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free link lists specialist restaurants in the city centre which I update regularly.